PenicuikU3A beginnings

Penicuik & District U3A’s inaugural meeting

was held on Monday 23 March 2009 at 2pm in Penicuik Town Hall.

A first monthly meeting was held in April with a talk by Brian Moffat on Soutra, a second in May by Adam McNinch on the Scottish Ombudsman, and a fascinating third in June by Penicuik’s Geoff Palmer on Scotland and Jamaica. Meetings and Group activities take place during the day –please click on the:

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Towards the end of 2008, Robina Hutton of Tweeddale U3A (Peebles) took a stall at Penicuik Town Hall’s Saturday Open House to sound out local interest in U3A.  Results were positive and local organisations agreed to help.   A meeting was planned for January 2009.  Over 70 people came.  It was a very successful introductory meeting in Penicuik Town Hall convened by Bill Fearnley of Penicuik & District Community Council.  Robina Hutton explained the essentials of U3A, and the first steps we needed to take to start up in Penicuik. 



The University of the Third Age


TUESDAY 20th JANUARY 2009 at 2pm



Around 55 of those attending indicated a definite interest in taking part in U3A.  Of these, 21 volunteered to organise local start-up and U3A activities, forming a steering committee which met 3 days later and worked towards the inaugural meeting for Penicuik’s U3A on March 23rd.  In the meantime the group were available to contact at Penicuik Town Hall Open House every Saturday 10am-2pm.  A display of the Penicuik proposals and of the history of the U3A movement in general was put on show.

Chair: Margot Daru-Elliott  ~  Vice-chair: Devi Marshall

23/01/09) Press Release Penicuik’s U3A launched


The Penicuik & District U3A is launched.  There was an outstanding attendance on 20 January at the Introductory meeting of Penicuik’s University of the Third Age (U3A).  Over 70 people attended at the event which was held under the auspices of the Penicuik & District Community Council.  The principal speaker was Robina Hutton, Scottish U3A organizer.

The Penicuik & District U3A, like its counterparts elsewhere in Scotland, will be an autonomous, self-help organization run by the voluntary efforts of its members

About 50 of the audience signed up immediately with an indication of the "personal interest" courses which they would wish to be set up.  21 of these have formed an initial Steering Committee with a chairman, secretary, membership secretary and treasurer identified. 

There is much to do to get the initiative off the ground – a Constitution, a Bank Account for a national U3A start-up grant, initial publicity.......  The first meeting of the Steering Committee was held on 23 January.

If you want to keep abreast of the development of this exciting initiative, or want to find out what interest groups will be available – or indeed want to suggest areas of interest to you which could become involved -  please get in touch   


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At the inaugural meeting at Penicuik Town Hall at 2pm on 23 March 2009 there was a chance to add suggestions for groups to the list, and the first of the groups now operating began to get under way.

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