The campaign to restore the


at Eddleston


Inaugural leaflet –our campaign’s brief 2010 summary of the Great Map story in words and pictures

General Maczek and the Map our original Penicuik and Eddleston exhibition pages 2008

Campaign to restore the Great Map -our original campaign website

The Scottish Parliament debate about the Great Map in September 2012

The Wikipedia entry on the Great Polish Map of Scotland


Polish forces in Scotland in the Second World War a work in progress

Road to Breda 1944 General Maczek’s picture diary of Polish forces advance across France, Belgium and Holland

The story of Wojtek the bear and the Wojtek Memorial Trust


Milestones in the history of the Great Map timeline of the Map’s inspiration, creation and national recognition

Szkocja w Szkocji Great Map construction described in Polish by Janusz Szewczuk

Scotland in Scotland –translation of Janusz Szewczuk’s construction story

Kazimierz Trafas (1939-2004)  Great Map builder’s life in Polish by Janusz Szewczuk

Before and after pictures of the Map site in 1940, 1975 and 2010


Black Barony Hotel grounds 1940 before the fall of France & later use by Polish forces


We are a small enthusiastic group.  Your membership is important to us and subscriptions are a vital source of funding.  Please join us with as many friends and colleagues as you can.  Use these links to find out more about the project: our constitution, our inaugural leaflet, our latest news and activities, our project progress to date, some photographs and some of the historical background to the Great Map. 

For queries about membership and project plans, contact the Secretary, Keith Burns, at For more about the history and background of the Great Map, contact Roger Kelly at



Our last Annual General Meeting was at Barony Castle Hotel, Eddleston EH45 8QW

on Sunday 28 April 2013 at 2pm