As part of its contribution to Penicuik Arts Festival 2007, the Penicuik Community Development Trust organised three free standing Saturday art exhibitions.

Saturday 25 August


Jan Miller’s Out To Lunch

“A Batik representing some of my family: Kirsteen, Jim, Netta & Jo having a family celebration.  I was curious to see how my family would look in 3D.

Jan Miller’s Off the Wall

Several years later Jo McSween borrowed Kirsteen & Jo for a Christmas ‘Haggis’ window – to get it to fit I carved a bit off Jo’s left arm. At the time he was hunting in Benin in Africa – he crashed his landrover and broke his left arm !

My parents-in-law Netta and Jim are sadly no longer with us but always in our thoughts, stories and laughs.

Jan Miller’s Christmas Card

Inspired by a poem in Scots by Elspeth Buchanan, I made the Batik and then the sculpture and I am eternally grateful to all the students, pals and family who collected ‘Birth Notices’ from the newspapers for their construction.



Charlie Brodowski       Paul Carline   

Linda Early          Richard Demarco

Gus Fisher         Catherine Freeland

Jan Miller                  Andrew Turner

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