Penicuik Arts FestivalPenicuik Arts Festival


DAVE ANDERSON at Penicuik Arts in 2005 in his one man show STARDUST THE HOAGY CARMICHAEL STORY 
Linda Rosalia Fleming at Penicuik Arts in 2007Breton Trio BoCoLo: Fred Bouley, Herve Lorre and Patrick Couton at Penicuik Arts in 2005

CATRIONA MACKAY Celtic Harp at Penicuik Arts 2006
James Ross at Penicuik Arts 2004 2005 2006 Scotlandís acclaimed traditional pianist

Greg Lawson and Pete Garnett of Moishes Bagel at Penicuik Arts 2005 2006 2007

fraser fifield with graeme stephen at Penicuik Arts 2003 2006Seamie O'Dowd at Penicuik Arts 2006Billy Kay at Penicuik Arts

Ferintosh at Penicuik Arts 2003 and 2006

Phil Alexander of Moishes Bagel at Penicuik Arts 2005 2006 2007 SUE MCKENZIE the great sax player with Phil Alexander & Catriona Mackay at Penicuik Arts 2006
Guy Nicholson amazing drummer wiith Moishes Bagel at Penicuik Arts 2005 2006 2007mary mccarthy piano and accordion at Penicuik Arts 2005

Clarelynn Rose at Penicuik Arts 2005John Kenny with the Carnyx at Penicuik Town Hall 2005Chris and Thomas at Penicuik Arts 2006

Kat Kraus and Australia's Colcannon played at Penicuik in 1975
writer Drew Campbell at Penicuik Arts in 2002 and 2003Kenny Young and the Eggplants played Penicuik Arts in 2006

Fred Freeman gave sound presentations on Burns and Tannahill at Penicuik Arts in 2002 and 2007 Lise Bech at Penicuik ArtsJamie Laval at Penicuik Arts

Mike Maran at Penicuik ArtsOne Glass Eye at Penicuik ArtsRaymond Sargent brings Lawrence of Arabia to Penicuik Arts in 2006Tessa Ransford at Penicuik Arts

Geoff Palmer at Penicuik ArtsPassacaglia at Penicuik Arts

Murray Campbell and the Edinburgh Renaissance Band at Penicuik Arts

Yvonne Burgess with the Jammies at Penicuik Arts

Andrea Turner at Penicuik Arts 2007

Penicuik performer on the left in this much-aired sequence.Aine Divine of Penicuik Arts

Fantoosh at Penicuik Arts

Rolf Carvenius Tuxedo Jazz Band played Penicuik Town Hall as guests of Penicuik Arts 2004

Margaret Bennett at Penicuik Arts

Tom Kane of Tanteerie at Penicuik Arts 2007Martin Sturfalt at Penicuik ArtsMarie Macleod at Penicuik ArtsAnna Wendy Stevenson at Penicuik ArtsDave Milligan at Penicuik Arts

David Johnson (1942-2009)
His breadth of cultural musicology as adviser at Penicuik Arts with Ferintosh (2003), presentation on Clerk and the Edinburgh enlightenment (2005), Ferintosh (2006), and his presentation here of a first new performance of the Earl of Kelly's restored 1761 Symphony in C with the St Georges Sinfonia (2006)Fribo at Penicuik ArtsSiobhan Miller at Penicuik Arts

Christine de Luca at Penicuik ArtsMichael Marra at Penicuik Arts

†††††††††† Neil Pennycook at Penicuik Arts 2007The Beggar Girls at Penicuik Arts 2007Dieter Lane at Penicuik Arts

James Spence storyteller at Penicuik Arts in 2007The YIDDISH SONG PROJECT at Penicuik Arts 2007 - vocalist Stephanie Brickman with Jo Nicholson (Scottish Chamber orchestra) on clarinet and Phil Alexander (Moishes Bagel) on piano & accordion 
Andrew Turner blacksmith founder of Penicuik's Turner Prize

Richard Demarco visited Penicuik Arts Centre decades agoRichard Demarco, Fiona Maher and Maggie Mowbray outside Kenneth McQueenie's Headcases window at the Penicuik Arts Festival 2007John Gibson, Lord of Misrule, at Penicuik Arts decades agoAnnie Patch at Penicuik Arts 2007

Tymao at Penicuik Arts 2007

Yvonne Hillyard brings the Dictionary of Scottish Architects to Penicuik 2009Stewart Hardy and Frank McLaughlin at Penicuik Arts 2008
Mazaika! Igor Outkine and Sarah Harrison at Penicuik Arts in the Town Hall 2008

skyhook: Cath James, Eoin Teather and Martin Harwood at Penicuik Arts 2009Stewart Conn at Penicuik Arts










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