26th March - 14th April 2011

details for exhibitors

preview Saturday 26th March from 11am to 3pm

Please deliver items to the gallery up to Thursday 24th March between 10am – 4pm and collect on Thursday 14th April after 3pm.  If these times cannot be met please call

·                      1.   All items are fully covered by the Gallery’s insurance whilst in the possession of the Gallery.

·                      2.   All monies due to exhibitors will be paid at the beginning of each calendar month. (It can take up to 10 days to process.)

·                      3.   The exhibitor will provide the Gallery with a list of items to be exhibited, detailing the title, medium and selling price, at least one week before the private viewing date.  All wall mounted work must be ready to hang (preferably using D rings and cord ) and all exhibits must be available for sale. It is also helpful if we can have a note from the artist of up to 30 words.

·                      4.   Exhibitors shall be responsible, both physically and financially, for transporting their work to and from the Gallery.

·                      5.   The Gallery will take commission on sales of 38% inclusive of new higher VAT content.  The Gallery will pay for all costs incurred in producing and mailing the private view invitations (excluding artwork cost). Artwork for us to use in Advertising and Invitations can be in the form of good photographs, disk or by email and need to be with Gallery 6 weeks before the exhibition or with Jane Kelly earlier (see below). The image(s) should be part of the exhibition and for sale.  The Gallery will mail to our own list and up to 200 names on the exhibitor’s list.  (In the case of mixed or joint exhibitions, this is a combined total of 200 names, which will be split equally between all exhibitors). Any excess in either of these costs will be billed for and deducted from any monies due to the exhibitor at the end of the exhibition.  The Gallery will pay for all staffing and refreshment costs of the private viewing.

·                      6. Up to 5 pots (with two more as replacements). Ring Jane Kelly to discuss any special cases. We’ll try to show all but can’t guarantee it.

·                      7. Send a form to Jane Kelly by 11 February (if necessary just give rough sizes of what you hope to exhibit) with digital images for use on publicity.  Keep a 3rd copy for your records. We need a final list of pieces for the gallery one week before.  Always include the form with your work when it is taken in

·                      8. Return form to me Jane Kelly (SPA exhibitions organizer)   17 High St Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 8HS    tel 01968 677854  or email

·                      Check out my SPA exhibition pages on for emerging details 

·                      Our exhibition contact is Sue Thornton, Manager, The Milton Gallery, Milton of Crathes, Banchory AB31 5QH  Tel: 01330 844664  (Fax 844341)  Email:

·                      The Gallery is opposite the entrance to Crathes Castle on Deeside.   website



Spring 2011 Open Exhibition at Milton of Crathes Gallery

26th March - 14th April 2011

entry form

Up to 5 pots depending on size.                38% of Selling Price will be taken by Gallery as commission


ADDRESS                                                                               …………..                   POSTCODE                


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        Only put in information you are happy to divulge


Title                     Description                                             Size (+M if wall mounted) Selling Price

1                                                                                                                             £                                                      

2                                                                                                                             £  

3                                                                                                                             £  

4                                                                                                                             £  

5                                                                                                                             £  

Extra/replacement item details here



  NOW ADD UP TO 30 WORDS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR WORK: -please keep it short for all our sakes!


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